What did I think about this weekend.  Resting, chores that needed to be done by the kids, what to wear to the wedding and what to cook for dinner and what we needed as far as groceries, giving my daughter a manicure and pedicure and then realizing I had run out of time for mine and knowing that I would do it on Sunday after I went to church; grocery shopping and making myself a lunch. I wanted to get in the yard, I wanted to blog until the sun came up the last 2 days, I wanted to wash my clothes and I wanted to have a little more energy. NOT!!! 

 Saturday morning, I was up at 6 a.m., having my coffee and playing a recorded message from Joel Osteen. After being fed, I woke up my middle son for his 9a.m. game. We have to be at the field by 8:30a.m. I was jazzed because this was  his last soccer game for this season.  I had a sense that they were going to make the playoffs to compete in the tournament and they did. They won 4 – 1.  My middle son’s demeanor, when he is on the soccer field is one of complete control, concentration and focus.  I mean this kid can play!  He is all muscle, solid and growing taller every day. He prides himself on having an 8-pack (not a 6-pack) stomach. Both he and his brother do their exercises daily.  The parents on the sidelines do the usual amount of cheering and “oh noooo-ing” and clapping and laughing and often times when these boys play – we  make statements like ‘did you see that’ and ‘OMG he made it’, ‘that’s okay honey just get up’, ‘shake it off’, ‘Kick It, KiCK It and KICK IT!!’  I don’t know any of the parents’ names and they don’t know mine.  Not necessary. Our common bond on these mornings are that our boys are a team and we are there to support them. We each know all of the boys’ names, which one is more aggressive, which one can have a temper tantrum, which one will always slip, which one closes his eyes when the ball is kicked in his direction, which one is the whiner and which ones will attack and which ones are just too cute and which ones just plain old funny – they make a team that gets along with each other, likes each other and plays off of each others strengths not focusing on each of their weaknesses. After all they are all only 11 years old – all different sizes, different races and different heights and as parents we appreciate and celebrate these differences. And to be really honest, it doesn’t hurt that they win and it doesn’t hurt even more that my son is one of the 4 best boys on the team. They will be playing in the tournament in 2 weeks.  It is gonna be fun. 

Saturday is also my oldest sons 15th birthday. He received some money and from me he received 2 tickets to a Jeff Dunham concert and he was really excited. He loves comedy.  Good mommy! On Friday nigh, the kids and I met his girlfriend and her parents for dinner at Chilis’.  It was really nice. The parents and I talked or rather bragged on our children’s individual honor roll and other accomplishments and spoke of or expectations of our children.  We are on the same page.  My son and his first real girlfriend have  a friendship. She is not a little girl with too much hair, too long of nails and too tight clothes. She reminds me of the girls that I grew up with at 15 – we looked like girls.  Our hair was pulled back in a bun, because we were still trying to do it ourselves and really couldn’t, we did a lot of talking quietly and a lot of giggling.  Perfect. My son was so excited. He says he was nervous and he shook her father’s hand the way I like – firm grip without squeezing and he looked him in the eyes and called him ‘sir!’  Go my son.  As parents we decided that they can go to the movies, bowling, stuff  like this during the daytime only and we will take turns picking and dropping off our children.  It went extremely well.

Saturday we went to a wedding of one of the church members. It was beautfiul and loooonnngggg! The bride didn’t arrive until 2 hours after the wedding was supposed to start. People were shuffling, irritated and some guests left. Once she arrived the wedding took all of 20 minutes. We left there and went to the reception.  At 8:10 p.m. I took my children and came home to eat dinner – they were all starving and irritated. When I went to church the next morning one of the sisters of the church said they didn’t even serve dinner until after 9. Oh my!

The cook, my middle son, has been on a hiatus from cooking because of me.  Due to all of the things that have been going on with me,  I can say this weekend I was ready to begin tackling this again.  He has been asking me if  he could bake a pumpkin pie for the last 3 weeks now and even though I said yes, I always forgot to get the ingredients – until today.  He was ready to bake.  He rolled out the pie crust (store-bought) and mixed my secret ingredients for the best pumpkin pie in the whole wide world (I kid you not!). He baked 2 of them and they looked perfect as pumpkin pies can look. He and I are the only ones in our household that like pumpkin pie. As soon as it was warm enough to eat – we both did and say hmmmm mmmm good!

Sunday was today  and my favorite day. The pastor spoke about an Everlasting Meal.  This is pretty easy to wrap my brain around because for me – it is the truth.  Jesus is our meal, He is our food and if we but take a bite of  Him we will have eternal life.  We don’t need to test it, we don’t need to eat the apple, we don’t need to not go to Ninevah or deny HIm – we just need to know that our God can feed the birds, He can make manna come down from heaven, He can bring water from nowhere and He can sustain you too, if you just take a bite of  Him. That bite is His Word, His bible, His touch, His spirit, His everything. I am full.


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