Oprah, Will and Me

    I tape Oprah daily and watch it when the mood hits me either in the evening or on the weekend.  I don’t watch every show only the ones that intrigue me.  Tonight while cleaning out my purse which as any woman knows must be done regularly,  Will and Jada Smith and their children and extended family were her guests. My sister asked me to watch the show to see what I thought about the interview and the sincerity of the two of them, their children and their families which included Will’s ex-wife and her husband and both Will and Jada’s mothers. They all looked happy and of course all were smiling and could really be the real Huxtables.  I have always admired Will Smith and his work ethic and his love of his parents and his deep sense of personal responsibility to becoming and giving your best to anything that you begin doing. It was one of those shows where I smiled, I understood the words that they spoke and most importantly-  I felt that it was genuine.   http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Jada-Pinkett-Smith-Talks-About-How-She-Keeps-the-Spark-Alive-Video Yes they are both actors and they are good.  Could they act their way through this interview, yes.  Did they? I really don’t know. No one knows what goes on in anyone’s marriage, it is indeed one of the most private of relationships – as it should be.  Only when the two of you become equally yoked can great things happen. Your way of  achieving a goal may be different however the goal should be the same. There has to be a meeting of the minds that comes to believe that idea or that common interest in what is good for the children or for the relationship. Then we push back our outer selfish self and pull forward the inner potentially good self and then we act on the good and the one thing that always happens is – release. Now this release is not easy however if practiced on a regular basis it becomes a little less uncomfortable each time and soon, that thing that the other person does won’t bother you at all. Love is an action. It is not found in the back seat of  a car, or at the mall or becoming the supervisor or even winning a Grammy or an Oscar. Love is a work in progress and from the inside out.  

Will said something very powerful at least for me, he said that  “greatness lives on the edge of destruction”.  As soon as he said it I felt it.  We generally grow when we have been hurt to the core or when we have hit our bottom or when we are just plain old tired of doing the same thin,g the same way over and over again expecting different results.

My son wrote his paper and went to sleep around 12 a.m. This morning as the paper was printing I saw that it had to be around 8 pages. I didn’t read it, I didn’t edit it, I just gave it a quick once over. I asked him how he felt about this paper and he said he liked it. I asked him if he learned his lesson and he said yes. I am not sure whether he did or not. The proof of this will come in his action.  I am fully aware that his frontal lobe is not yet developed and we may have to go through this scenario a few more times before he graduates from  high school.  He doesn’t know it now, however I plan to help him reach his greatness – which might lead to some kind of minor little destruction of some of his stuff  –  on my part.

Yolande Barial, Sensually and Spiritually Inspirational


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