Garage Sales

Sunday, my favorite day, was woman’s day at church. I read the responsive reading, I sang in the women’s choir and after service, all of the women had a meeting regarding what we are going to cook for breakfast and serve to our men on Fathers Day.  As it was Women on Mission Sunday, our female Rev. brought the Word.  The name of her sermon was Jehovah Jirah/God will provide. She spoke about how society has been through a lot of upheaval – emotional, spiritual, economic as well as acts of nature that have reaked havoc on this world.  She described the aftermath  of all of this destruction as like a having a garage sale.  When we are ready to move, we have to downsize and what better way to get rid of your stuff than to have a garage sale.  If you notice, there are quite a few garage sales going on every weekend.  People are finally getting it that they have so much stuff that they can often not park all of their cars in their own garage –  no room. They are having garage sales so that they do not have to carry their stuff into their new environment. Whether that environment be a house, an apartment, a shelter or a park bench – they have to let go of the things that they thought they had to have in order to live and come to the realization; often times without even a chance to get the realization, that you have to move. We have to realize that in the end all we really need is Him.  He will provide.  It may not be the way it use to be, He will provide in all things that really matter – at the time.  He will provide by giving you the strength to endure whatever the situation. So you say it is not fair. Well we have already talked about that terrible little phrase “not fair”.  Life is not fair and will never be fair.  We  are given what we can handle and we have to raise or take care for our mistakes that were committed when we thought we had all the stuff we needed.  We have to live those mistakes out.  We can make amends, we can change and transform however some of those mistakes or wrong turns or even a second of a misstep often times remain with us. We have to learn even in utter not fairness that God will provide and we can endure what we must.  People today are realizing that they really do not need that extra couch or that extra car or all of the clothes and shoes that they wanted and all of the knick knacks, statues, 5 television sets, stuff packed into see through containers stacked in the garage or under the  stairs in the storage and even in the tuff shed, you had built on your property so you didn’t have to be go and get your storage, you could just walk out your backdoor to look at it.  Cause you and I both know that once anything gets stored (besides Christmas decorations) it is pretty much never seen again until you get ready to move. Then you say the universal statement ‘how did I get all of this stuff” ? If pushed to the end of your rope – you have a garage sale. You finally let it go and realize that in order to move we have to be prepared. God is already cutting stuff  away on this earth, are we ready, are we prepared just in case He comes back today or tomorrow. I think I am going to have a garage sale. You?

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose
Seeks to enrich the lives of women through spoken word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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