…because I said so

because I said so

What happened to those famous 4 words in the phraseology of the modern-day mom and dad.  It worked fine for me as a child. What they meant was that the discussion was over.  My parents were finished talking and the decision has been made and acted upon.  It meant that I was to  stop talking and if at all possible slide over to the other side of the cars backseat, go to another room, finish eating my dinner, lunch, snack,  pick up the mess that spilled on the floor even if your little sister spilled it and finally it meant that my time on earth may be drawing nigh.  My brothers, sister and all of the kids our ages knew that when these 4 words were spoken by any adult that the adult was fed up and was most likely tired. Fed up and tired usually go together in a sentence especially when we as children back then, made our old 30 something parents fed up and tired. Oh to go back to a more peaceful time, where children minded their manners, did well in school, had no interest in carrying a phone around and looking at it every few seconds, ear bud hanging out of their ears, pants that sag and tank tops with little top and never woulda’ thought of piercing their navels.  And the most important thing that was not said however in  our family was always practiced and that is that children should be seen and not HEARD.  Yep quiet, no phones, no bills to pay and no reason to talk at all.

At almost 50,   Yolande is ready to retire at 55 and I am writing to make sure that when the agent comes, I will deliver.

Back to the children and you. I am forced  to listen to a lot of whining and crying and back talk from the children while their parents who are grown women and men insist on taking them to public places, I guess to share in the humiliation. These bundles of joy will act a complete fool the minute you are in places, in crowds, in churches and in libraries.  A whole lot of negotiating and discussion and what do you think and how do you feel and if you do this then I’ll do that – come on please parents where has the spine gone in your back? This is the problem that we have with our babies.  It begins early. I have seen babies slap their parents, yell at their parents, tell them they hate them, run from them, hide from them, ignore them, curse at their parents and just flat-out LIE to their parents and what do these grown folk/parents do? They  make excuses, blame the other child, the other parent, the teacher, the co-worker, the person who was waiting patiently in line when their sweet child who would never do anything wrong cut in front of them while you were clearly standing there, the parents that people paying the bills beg their child to not to use the cell phone, not to wear a particular clothing item, not to stay out late and not to leave the kitchen a mess – yes I said begging. 

 My belief is that we take so much time trying to explain to our children and the phrase “because I said so” is one of the most powerful ever spoken. Our God has given us the ability to hear his voice. Let’s imagine  a  world where children hear these words again…..because I said so, again…because I said so…and again because I said so.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose
Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.




“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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