Did you know that AM/PM, the convenient store, uses gas from BP?  I did not know this until a friend of mine told me that it was true.  So what I did was to drive into an AM/PM and get some gas.  The gas is always available and inexpensive, at least for those of us who use regular gas. (smile) Well the next time you drive into or by an AM/PM, take a look at the sign and you will see the BP logo, the little green sun.

The other day I read a story about the fact that the oil  has disappeared. Hmmmm and OMG! Just the weeks before, the media could not get enough about the tragedy that was going to surely occur because of all of the oil and its effect on marine life which would surely affect the livelihood of many who depend on the sea for their living. It seemed like you couldn’t turn on the television or even listen on the radio without hearing all of the doomsday reporters and their interviewees talk about what a terrible effect this will have on the Gulf Coast and that it would take years before it (oil) would be cleaned up. Hah! Well it is cleaning up now – something to do with bacteria that is eating the oil. Wow, something so invisibile is doing the impossible! At least impossible through the eye of man.  

Now the media and its listening public are not so much concerned with the fact that the oil is disappearing; it has to create drama in order to justify being on the television and on the radio, so the public can have just one more thing to be afraid of.   So now, what are we hearing?  Now,the tragedy is no longer that the oil is leaking, now the fact that they used too much dispersant.  What will the effect of the dispersant be on the sea and its life? In the words of anyone you know “if it ain’t one thing it is another!”  We went from oil and destruction, to no more oil and the possibility of things to come. Fear – false evidence appearing real. 

It is amazing to me how we can experience a million good things in our lives and allow one comment that one of our so-called friends say to ruin the entire life that we live. It (life) is amazingly way too short and now that I will soon be 50 it is even shorter. I always thought of news as imparting some kind of knowledge and not just always talking over and over about who died, who is getting a divorce in celebrity-dom, who is getting sued, what basketball player is married to what pretty girl, what company did not follow the rules and on and on.  The news that I hear is not knowlege – gossip to me is a better word. News in 2010 is synonymous with pain, loss, sadness, death, shock, lies, destruction, fear, hyperbole and gossip.

We were so accustomed to listening to the bad news about the oil leaking 24/7,  wouldn’t it be nice if we could hear about the good news that the oil has stopped leaking – 24/7?

I was talking about the oil spill with 2 of my co-workers at different times and during both of these conversations, I discovered something interesting  about myself and about my coworkers that I would have never guessed. One was a woman and she and I happened to run into each other in the coffee room and started talking. She was talking about the sad state of affairs on the Gulf Coast and the impact of the oil spill to the people who lived there. I told her that I had just come from there and that what I could see was that the people were not as affected and didn’t talk about the oil spill as much as even I had expected. She went on to talk about the effect. I then found myself saying something like that I had a different feeling about it and then I said that when God wants that oil removed it will be removed. She said to me that that this fact is where she and I differ and she walked away from me. I smiled. Another male coworker and I spoke about the oil spill at length and I just listened. He went on, about the dispair of the people and again the impact on their livelihood.  I tried not to say anything. Then he said what is your take? I said that I have faith that when God is ready it will be cleaned up. He said that he can see a little bit of faith however it takes more. I smiled. What I learned is that everyone does not really want my opinion.

I have been telling my friends and family, that God parted the waters of the Red Sea and then held the water long enough so that all of those in captivity could get out of the sea and on to dry land. Our God can does this so I know HE can certainly get rid of a little oil. I am glad to see that God listens,  hears and responds to those who believe. He does the action in His time, not ours.  Retiring at 55 is indeed coming.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose
Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.




“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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