Homework and the Parent

After having a whirlwind of a weekend filled with a lot of everything and a whole mess of partying this now 50-year-old had to touch down! And I did, yesterday, Tuesday, the realization came back to these aching feet from wearing pumps all night and dancing and hugging and kissing and flirting that I am a parent. Boo hoo, yep I am back.  Homework and three lovely children whooshed me back from Neverland and after working a full 8 hour day, sitting in traffic for about 3.5 hours to and from the office and coming home to 3 children each with something for me to sign, different color papers that had to be read and initialed and filled out and tales of how hard the 4th, the 6th and the 10th grade are already. As I listened and looked I surveyed the house – shoes in the living room,backpacks on the floor, empty water bottles and empty orange juice containers on the dining room table, pencils on the floor, clothes in the laundry basket in the middle of the floor in my oldest son’s rooms, Donny and Jimmy; our rabbits, are hungry and so are the fish – all 6 of these pets stare at me, my plants in the backyard need water, the carpet needs to be cleaned, are any bills due this week, my feet hurt, my daughter needs to brush her teeth, my middle son has grown taller since I left this morning, and wait just a minute is that a dirty sock over there in that corner????  My daughter’s whining brings me immediately back from this harried scene; she cannot find the word tablet in the dictionary and she is just about to get on my very last nerves! I breathe in and out, I explained to her again how to use the dictionary and started again with the question do you know your alphabets? I have to show and tell my daughter and I cannot do either until she stops whining and crying. Just the sound of that whine reminds me of the fingernail screeching down a blackboard – it makes my skin crawl.  After she stops screechingly whining, I begin again to explain how to find a word in the dictionary. I tell her to look at the top of the page at the word in bold. When the bold word is on the far left on the top of the page it indicates that this bold word is the first word on the left side of the column on that page. I then take my finger and point to the bold word and let her see it and then I show it to her. She says ok. I then tell her that the word to the left in bold of the word on the right in bold,  is found on the very bottom of that page in the right column. She says ok. I then tell her to begin with the first 3 letters and find those first 3 letters on the top right of the page in bold word and then from there look at the top left word in bold.  If the 4th letter in the word  in question; after the first 3 letters is found on that page the word is there somewhere. Use your finger and use it to scroll slowly down the page to find the word tablet. Voila! Huh now that I have totally confused my little girl – let the whining begin again.  After a few more of these over-explained explanations on how to use the dictionary – she gets it!!! By then, this now 50-year-old is wiped out, exhausted and tuckered. The whiner, a.k.a., my lovely daughter, completes the assignment about 30 minutes after her 9 p.m. bedtime.  She takes a bath and gets into the bed. I am wired and irritated and feeling a little whiney myself. I still had some bills to pay and yet I had to write which is what I did. I wrote last night and I write tonight. The bills aren’t due til the 21st. I will mail them out tomorrow. I had to write.

My middle son came home around 8:30 p.m. from soccer practice. He exclaimed that he grew taller since this morning and now he can stand eye-to-eye to me and then he looked me in the eye. I smiled, he is close.  I think he is right, he did grow. Hn eats a light dinner and then proclaims that he has about 3 different assignments that have to be done tonight. He is in his room.

My older son had weight training, came home and did his homework, he is now putting up the dishes and emptying the dining room table from all boxes, empty water and juice containers and any other scrap whatchamacallit that gets placed on the dining room table to take out to the garbage caontainer some time during the week or at least that is what I think the kids think they are supposed to do.

Homework is meant for children who already know what they are supposed to be doing, it is not meant for moms and dads who have been up since 5 ion the morning and have not stopped until she started writing this blog. Retiring at 55 is looking better and better. At the rate I am going, I suspect I will use the first 6 months of the 55th year just laying in the bed reading all of the Oprah, Essence, Time, Southern Living and books; too many to name, that I had not had the time to read while I was doing homework.

 Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose
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“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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