Open Doors

I woke up this morning a little tired. I had spent the night writing thank you cards and feeling good with who I have become.  I heard Joyce Meyer’s voice as soon as I turned on the television and she was talking about how we have to learn how to just be quiet and be still and learn that God does have a blessing for us; however we need to get out of his way.  It reminded me of when I went out on a date and the poor guy was doing his best to open the door for me and I was so busy being me that I always made it to the door first and opened it.  As the night went on we were talking about what we wanted our partner to do and he had a must-do-this-to-keep-me-list and I had the same.  One of  mine was that I like it when a guy opens the door for me.  He said well you c ould hardly tell  it, every time I tried to open the door you reached out and grabbed it first so how can I open the door? We laughed about it and I realized that he was right. So like the doors being opened for me, I have to get out of God’s way and let him open doors for me to walk through.

This morning my children were being children.  My oldest had Justin Timberlake blaring downstairs, my middle son was leaning over a t.v. tray as usual eating a bowl of cereal, my youngest was still laying on her bed with her butt in the air, her arms curled underneath her chest, her head directly into the pillow without any covers over her and telling me she is cold. I can hear Creflo Dollar’s voice coming out of the t.v. in my room – I want to go back there and you and I both know I could not. After the little diva stretched herself awake she ambles downstairs looks in a pantry full of food and then opens the refrigerator full of food announces to me that there is nothing to eat.

I can’t tell you why exactly I did this – I just exploded.  I went on to tell all 3 of them the chores that I have been expecting them to do and they have not done them, I told them that I had  $500.00 PG&E bill, a closet door (daughters) that needs to be re-hung again and I asked their father, who is a handyman, to come out to the house and fix it – he said he would think about it – that was last week Thursday maybe, as of this typing I have heard nothing from him – yep he is my ex, a back screen door that has come off the tracks again and has to be repaired, each one of them is in a sport that costs money and then I told them how much I loved them however I need them to pull their fair share. They each ride their bikes to and from school, they get along with each other, they are kind children and for these things I am proud of them; however this getting up in the morning without having done what you are supposed to do is over. I told them that they are to begin taking lunches and that they cannot eat all of the snacks in the house for their lunch – they need to have sandwiches, fruit and water and since I am the only one working in this house I am the law ’round these parts and they are going to have to follow my rules. I have to reiterate to them at least once a week that I expect to be treated in a manner that is respectful and that I have been taking up some of their slack  and that is no more.  If I expect my man to open doors for me then my children should do the same.  I supply all of their needs, their wants, their must-have-for-school, their shelter, their free time, their parties, their food, their clothing and their time to just relax and chill and for that the least they could do is to open the doors for me in the way children can and that is to be good children, do their homework and do their chores and of course pledge undying love for me and whenever possible bring me a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream.  Well  they agreed (I didn’t even have to look at them, I could hear their eyes rolling). They are used to this crazy woman who periodically decides NOW IS THE LECTURE! They sit quietly. My oldest looks at me in the eyes and the other two look everywhere but at my face. Retiring at 55 is only 5 years away.  I have to put my action plan into place.  I love my children however they can definitely work your nerves and I suspect I work theirs. 

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose
Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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