Sunday my favorite day.  I woke up this morning excited.  The kids and I had a great weekend, Saturday was fun and productive for all of us. The kids played with their friends throughout the day and I was able to hang out with my aunt and sister in the evening. The children play because that is the way they hang out, adults generally play by going somewhere. We went to the 1rst anniversary of a restaurant in Martinez owned by my coworker and her sister – Lemongrass Bistro ( the food is divine.  This was the first time that my sister and aunt have ever gone anywhere to just hang out! It never dawned on me until today.  We ate, we laughed, we watched a hair show. we ate some more and we drank, introductions and hugs all around and plenty of congratulations for my friend and her family for beginning a venture in this economic time when it is not supposed to be possible! The food is good, the ambiance is welcoming and did I say the food is good?

The women’s choir sang at church today, of which I am a part. We sang 2 songs. It was pretty awesome feeling to be able to hear that we really didn’t sound that bad.  Practices have been rather uncomfortable because those of us that don’t sing in the choir always don’t exactly have the best voices however we come together because we hear the still inside voice say ‘ sing in the women’s choir’ so we do.  The female minister who gave the message this morning  and her topic was ‘All God Wants is Yes”.  The title alone has to tell you what is coming.  In all things give him the praise. Whatever he asks us to do we should do it with no questions asked. We shouldn’t stay around waiting to make sure that this is really you Lord telling me what to do.  We should act trusting that whatever direction you go in is the direction that you should be going. The first commandment is Thou Shalt Not Have Any Other Gods Before Me. The minister spoke and said that we can change the word ‘God’ to the television, video games, work, people, friends, a drug , gossiping and whatever else you can think of that permits from you from doing the very first thing and that is to give him total and complete trust knowing that if He can bring the Israelites out; albeit it took 40 years because they didn’t do the first commandment so how could they manage to do anything else but go round and round and round the same hills and valleys – they did this until all of the original folks who were moaning and complaining died in the wilderness – then God blessed them.

There is a grace to be able to ride the waves of life. There are ups and downs and a whole of of OMG’s! Life can be tough. The grace that I want and really would want for anyone is the grace to be able to grow up and watch your children move in a direction that is much clearer, much more thought-provoking and become people of character  – that is what I want to live for.  I will retire at 55 because I will then be able to be with my children in a way that I now am unable to do. There is a grace for getting old because age should  allow you to be wise. If you begin to act on the still inside voice. Now when I heard this  some years ago my little 20 something-miss-know-it-all-drinking-too-much Yolande – I was like please. Grow old and become wiser HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? As a living witness to the fact that all things really are possible and that age allows you the possibility to correct past hurts, rekindle warm memories, bond with those who through time and kids and work had been impossible, to reminisce about those lost and are less fortunate than you;  it allows you to be able change and be reborn. The rebirth, the change is like a fire that is lit deep inside the upper middle part of your stomach. I get butterflies, I get warm – sometimes those really are  hot flashes however I go with it because in the heat god speaks to me.  This fire is in fact seen by others. Those who have not YET had their aha experience may think the older woman is slow. What people fail to realize is that concentrated and well thought out decisions sometimes take time.  Some times these ideas need to be marinated and turned over and over in the marinade until it is fully coated with the delicious juices and then when cooked under the heat – come out a little crispy however that is the burned juice/sauce and we all know that tastes better.  I was so touched by the words this minister spoke – we go through so much of our lives worried about one thing or another and feeling sad because we are not where we thought we would be in 2010. I no longer fear because I know that God has given me a special grace to raise 3 pretty doggone good children who with every day grow taller and get more handsome and cute. The grace God gives me to be a constant force for creativity and possibility in my children’s lives makes me feel good, it causes a smile to come on my face. Sunday is the day that the Lord made for us to rest. I always welcome Sundays because I enjoy the presence of others who worship and yet realize that we are all but a whisper away from not being here tomorrow. The grace that God gives his children daily is something to shout about and something to cry about and something to be extremely thankful about. Not everyone that went to sleep last night got up and tomorrow will be the same – that those who sleep tonight will not wake up on Tuesday. I wake up praising the Lord, I wake up thanking him for my children and for my home and for my health. I wake up kissing them on their ears, on their foreheads, rubbing their backs or their legs – I tell them every morning I love them.  The grace we have should be shared and I think that makes everyone’s day go a a little better.

Yolande Barial
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