This morning I woke up and listened to Joyce Meyer followed by Creflo Dollar.  What I remember came from Creflo. What he said about fear made me stop walking around and stare at the television set. I then immediately ran around looking for a pen to write his words down. He said, “You cannot continue to pour fear into people and call it news!” I was clapping in my room all by myself. He than added that if you were to close the media down for 6 months, meaning no “news” reported  – it would change the direction that we as community and country are headed in. I believe that we as the adults should take a hard look on what we are allowing to enter into our eyes, our ears and our brains. It reminds me of being brainwashed.  We know that it works.  We see the aftermath when the police question a person who they think committed a crime for hours and hours and hours. The person is then allowed to leave after he has signed a confession and explained what happened and who was involved.   We see it when we tell our children that they are smart and can do anything and these children begin to manifest their own inner ability to solve, to correct and to study.

Creflo believes that if the media would report the good that happens daily and celebrate the joys of life we would see a change in everyone’s attitude and I think in the economy.


Lately I have had to make some decisions that are uncomfortable and the fear is that I may be throwing away something, or not able to complete something and yet what I know deep down on the inside is that this is fear – false evidence appearing real – and just like that it will pass.  And when it does, I will come out on the other side knowing that this has passed and I have grown again and again.  This process repeats itself.  Only when we as a society; as a people, stand up and say we are not going to take this anymore will it change. Retiring at 55.  Alright now.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.





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