The Lesson

A few months ago my daughter found a cell phone and hid it from me. Of course, her hiding was great because I didn’t know that she even had a phone until I heard her talking to her brother. She told him in hushed voice that she found a phone at the park. Gotcha! So, when I asked her for it, she almost slithered over to the hiding place. She gave me the phone and asked me why she couldn’t keep it.  I was able to find the owners and called them. They were ecstatic. They came to the house around 9 that night to pick up the phone. 

Yesterday my middle son lost his phone.  I received a phone call from someone on my son’s phone. The first thing the person said was do you speak Spanish.  I said no. Then they hung up.  I called back because I knew then that he lost his phone. No one answered. About 30 minutes later the call came again and it was from a man who was trying to speak English. We both managed to understand each other enough for me to get their address and tell him I appreciated him for calling me.  He gave me his address. I told him I would come by their home when I get off of work and pick up the phone.  Around 7 that evening, I found their address and went to pick up the phone and gave the little boy $10 and told him to thank his father for calling. When my middle son came home that evening from soccer practice. He came in and immediately said he was sorry. I told him that it was ok, things happen. And I did mean it. I had to remember how many things that I have lost and spilled and forgotten about that were equally as valuable to me as a cell phone and you know what, life goes on.  I beat myself up and life goes on.  I had to learn to not do or say that thing or action again.  Life is a learning process. We learn from our mistakes and if we do not learn we repeat the same actions or inactions over and over again until we get it. My son got it. He had spent all day at school, in his 6th grade class, worrying about where he could have lost the phone and worrying about what I would do and knowing that he would get in trouble. 

Before he went to sleep that night I went into his room and we talked about what happened.  He said that he thought he had slipped the phone onto his pants and he didn’t. So we went over how to properly make sure the phone is on your pants – I demonstrated to him how I have to put the phone on my pants and to make sure it is on.  He watched.  He said how upset he was with himself.  I told him it was ok, just take your time and make sure from now on.  I talked to him about why we got the phone back. I asked him to remember that when his sister had found that phone and the people gave her $20. He did. I then said that when you do good, good comes back to you and then I said that is how God works and how life works. Eventually what goes around comes around.  He said yhea mom, I got it. We hugged and I left his room.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.


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