I was listening to Joyce Meyer this morning and she mentioned how we grumble about things that once we were excited about having.  She then spoke about the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt. I, of course, have heard about this story; known it was in the Bible, skimmed the Bible text and even seen the movie where Charlton Heston plays Moses in The Ten Commandments – I knew about this story!!  The depiction of Moses (aka Charlton) raising his staff and parting the Red Sea still gives me the feel-good heebiejeebies.  I love this movie. Well this morning when Joyce mentioned it, it was different, perhaps it was time that I got it. What it made me do was to go into the scripture and read it for myself.…God…/JoyceMeyer/e/9781410401496

Exodus 15 – 20. Here are people who have been tortured and enslaved for many, many years and finally they have been led out of a terrible situation into one where there is a possibility of a better life. They begin to walk, following one man (Moses) and soon are being chased by the Egyptians. Here is the miracle that is to top them all – Moses parts the Red Sea by raising his staff (aka stick, cane, something to lean on when walking and to keep the sheep/the american public from falling off the cliff) and keeping it in the air and as he does this, the sea splits in two and forms two columns of water, the Israelites walk through the sea/water on dry land and get to the other side of the sea without so much as a drop of water on their person. When Moses lowers his staff (aka stick, cane, something to lean on when walking and to keep the sheep/the american public from falling off the cliff) the column of waters come crashing down and the Egyptians that were pursuing them and who are in the midst of the Red Sea – all die, they get wet.  Now who wouldn’t be happy and blessed and excited and in such awe as these people? They saw it and lived it and know that only a God-inspired person could’ve done this. Well and oh my, it wouldn’t be the Israelites because after a few more days of being in the desert, they (those who just walked through the sea) begin to grumble and complain to Moses because they are hungry. So what does God do? He gives the grumblers (aka Israelites/american public) quail and manna (meat and bread); every day just enough food for that day and no more. The next day would take care of itself – there is a supply of food for each day. The quail  appear in the evening and the manna comes in the morning and looks like white dew on the ground. They were overjoyed again and praised the God of Moses, just like the last time when they crossed into and out of the Red Sea. Then they grumble some more and ask Moses for water and they get that! Moses strikes the rock with his staff and water comes out of it. They drink. The story goes on from there to the delivering of the Ten Commandments. I mean people this is some good stuff!!!  Read it and see for yourself. 

What I want to emphasize is the ungratefulness of the people then and now. How many times have we, well let me speak for me. How many times have I been so ungrateful for the things that I have right in front of me.  Things that without His grace would not have happened. There have been many times when I have asked God to help me with this challenge or with this got-to-have-dream-right-now and He has supplied it and then after a very short time in my timeline-for-asking-for-things-and-gettin’ it, I want something more and better and bigger and well, just different. I can be one of the most selfish humans alive when it comes down to feeling poor pitiful me – why can’t I have this or once I get it, why do I have to do that. The manna/the quail that God gives me daily really will supply all of my needs.  I remember wanting to stop drinking , I remember almost being raped, I remember creating my own businesses, I remember wanting to be married, I remember wanting to buy a house, I remember wanting a son to name after my father who was dying, I remember wanting another child, I remember being pregnant with a girl, I remember wanting to get a divorce, I remember writing a God-inspired poem, I remember my first piece published, I remember my first aha moment, I remember good times in church and at home, I remember graduating from Xavier University, I remember the psoriasis that is much better, I remember good friends’ smiles and good friends’ hugs, I remember all of the good that God has blessed me to have. I remember the pain and the humiliation and the condescending tones and out-right attacks on my person. I don’t dwell on them though, I remember the past.

I remain eternally grateful that as a woman who will retire at 55 the grumbling has come to a minimum. I want us to be able to say out loud that no amount of fighting with my spouse/who is my manna, no amount of kids totally working your very last nerve/who are the quail, no amount of boss irritation/who is water or coworker intrusion/more water, no amount of the house I live in that needs a new roof/my manna and a new fence/my manna, no amount of constant negative media bombardment/ tepid water, no amount of job losses/was quail, no amount of foreclosures/was my manna – no amount of any of this, is to compare with the gratitude I feel for what God has shown me.  I am not going to look back. I am grateful for the bread/manna and the quali/meat and the water/water that He provides. I will continue to go forward in my walk with Him, learning something every single day. He walks with me and with my children and with you.  He keeps me when I don’t have a clue how to keep my sanity. He is alive.

What is the manna/quail/water in my life that keeps me so well fed and hydrated that I become distracted that God has already provided all that I need and I really do no need more? Be grateful for what you have my dear Yolande and for what you have come through.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.


“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.


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  1. Yolande,
    Your posts are up-close-and-personal and the links to other sites/resources are also helpful.
    You’re an inspiration!
    Teresa LeYung Ryan
    Build My Writer’s Name and Platform: Attract Agents, Acquisition Editors, Publishers, Readers, and Media Attention
    (the 22 minutes for 22 days workbook)

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