Sunday – Woo Hoo

I woke up this morning excited as usual because as you know Sunday is my favorite day.  More to follow tomorrow – sleepy now. G’night.

Ok here you go….

I woke up this morning excited as usual because as you know Sunday is my favorite day.  And today I had so many words speak to me that I know a change is coming – again.  I set my alarm on Saturday evenings to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to allow me time to hit the snooze button about 4 times and then finally at about 6:55 a.m., I sit straight up and begin the stumbly, half awake/eyes barely open walking and holding on to the rails of the staircase as I walk slowly down guided by the aroma of coffee.  I go into the kitchen pour my coffee, put in a teaspoon of sugar and then take that first sip – yeeeaass – and then I amble back up the stairs a little more alert and sit down on the edge of my bed with the hot coffee cup in my left hand and the remote control in my right. I turn on the t.v. and hear the voice of Charles Stanley.  He was talking about the woman at the well.  This is the second time that one of my favorite speakers has spoken about this woman at the well, the Samaritan woman. The other speaker that spoke about this woman was TD Jakes.  I believe I finally figured why some women settle in relationships it is the talk that we talk about ourselves in our minds that comes out in our speech.  It has been proven by some high-falutin big time scientific types who enjoy the small stuff that makes us all tick, that we believe what we hear about ourselves from our own mouths rather than what people/the world has to say. There is a scripture that mentions we are hung by the tongue and I do believe that.  This is the principle of the book The Secret and it is the principle of the New Testament of the Bible.  What we say we become, what we speak we are.

So, back to the woman at the well.  She is a woman who has had 4 husbands and now is single again and living with a 5th guy. When she encounters this man sitting at the well, he asks her, a Samaritan woman, for some water and then asks her a question about her husband. She is surprised that he asks her for the water (and that is another aha moment that I am not going to deal with right now) and about her husband. She replied that she does not have a husband. Again, this woman has been married 4 times and now she has decided to just shack up with number 5. …in her mind she came to the conclusion that BECAUSE every man that she loved and gave her all to left, that there must be something wrong with her.  Soooo what she does is internalize this and then decides well I am not going to give myself to any man in marriage, I am going to not expect anything and choose a man to just get by – settle. Me? Oh my…maybe..naaawww..oh…my…

Here comes my aha moment; follow me ya’ll… One of the things that Charles Stanley explained this morning was that back in those days, the man did not need to have a reason to leave the relationship, it could be anything from how the husband didn’t like what she cooked for dinner to what he wants his wife to do sexually that she doesn’t want to do, to something that she knows is immoral and she will not do, to not liking your family and friends, to not watching what he wants to watch on t.v.!  Now this woman, who in her eyes has been rejected, realizes that she no longer wants to be rejected, so she settles and allows this last man to live with her without benefit of the marriage she always believed she needed. Stanley said that no amount of apologies can make up for the rejection that this woman has felt on many an occasion by man after man.  Every time they left for their reasons this Samaritan woman’s heart was broken. Then Stanley said that the man at the well said that what He had to offer was the living water and that living water would and could provide all that she needs. He told her of her past and she knew then, that it wasn’t that she was wrong; what it is, is that she needed to realize that the men she chose had their reasons that really had nothing to do with who she is!  (…for all of you sistahs who already know this; great, just bare with those of us who just got it!…) If I continue to talk the negative deep-down-inside kinda’-quiet talk to myself that is not good for me, then what makes me think good will come. This Samaritan woman came away from this encounter with a new found belief that indeed God lives in her and so she leaves His presence to tell all of the men that she saw as she skipped back into town about her encounter. She had an inner glow and even though they could see the same body walking; they could feel something different about her. These men believed her. And then believed even more when they encountered this man, Jesus, for themselves.  Stanley says the Samaratin woman did not speak to any of the other women – only to the men. My thoughts here – women have a tendency to be more critical of each other and less forgiving and that is another blog entirely; and often times until another woman can really see a change in actions, they find it hard to embrace the change. I believe that Ms. Samaritan continues in her joy from this encounter forward and soon she is at the point where she is so full of His love that his love isn’t as important as she thought it was.  It would be nice; however it will not define her. Her passion is and always will be God and the 3 children that He has entrusted in her care. She/I plan to come to my life with this renewed vigor for who I am and embrace the living water that His Word promises.  

 Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

 “Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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