Sunday – the day after

All I can say is this past week has been one of the busiest.  I could barely enjoy my Sunday which is my favorite day of the week, for all of the things that were swirling in my mind.  I have been acting for my boss while he is out of the country and I tell you that busy or rather fruitful is just a smidgen of how I have been occupied. Not only at work, however at home, and in my writing career – fruitful.

However enjoy it I did.  Sunday that is. I always wake up feeling happy on Sunday. I look forward to having my coffee and beginning the day with word.  I look forward to waking my children up and all of us get dressed and go to church.  I immediately feel comforted when I walk into the doors of the sanctuary as I am greeted by good mornings, you go girls, I love that outfit, bad shoes chile, fake cheek kisses, warm real cheek kisses, hugs galore and a lot of respectful deacon and mother of the church head nods accompanied by a smile – it feels like home to me, it just feels like home. Today the pastors question were 2. One was who are you? and the other was reaching a decision. The pastor preached 2 messages today. Even though he spoke I really didn’t hear what he was saying this Sunday. I was overcome with the feeling of complete joy of complete satisfaction with my life. I was doing what I know feeds me, I was sitting amongst people who are genuinely trying to get to the point in their lives where the question and the statement mentioned by the pastor will get answered and revealed. The answer should be that I am a child of God first and then I am a mother and then I am a good friend and I am a fabulous writer and author.  He says that n 2 Cor 5:17 we become new creatures when we truly allow God to dwell in us and manifest in our actions.  When we know who we are then and only then will the decisions we reach line up with where we are going in our lives. The destiny decision allows us to continue even when we have minor set backs; we know that those set backs are just that a little something that sets us back a little bit from our present course; however it does not deter us from our ultimate decision. He then expounded and gave the following description. If you take off in your car going to let’s say southern california and while on the road your tire goes flat. What do you do? Do you turn around and go back further damaging the tire, do you park it and get out and wait for someone to pick you up, do you decide not to go in the direction you were going and come back to where you had been or do you  change the flat and keep on going? My decision of course is to change the flat and then keep on moving. I know that if we don’t do this we will just fade away.


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