My Three Children – Middle Son

Well we know that today is my favorite day – Sunday and usually I am sitting in the pew by 9:30 a.m. smiling, hugging, side face kissing and waving at my church family folk as we enter and walk around greeting and getting ready to worship together.  This was not to be today nor yesterday.  I spent the two days with a friend and with my middle son the soccer player. It was another soccer tournament weekend and it was predicted to be and came to pass that it was going to be a rainy weekend. The only way the rain was going to stop the soccer game was if it rained 7 inches. Yes and I found out that 7 inches is a whole lot of water because we, silly me, well, I mean the boys played in at no more than 4 inches of rain and well they almost won – on the last game today at 4p.m. they almost won. The first game this morning I sat and yelled and walked up and down the sidelines and coached the boys. I called them honey, I yelled their names, I told them when to pass, when to boot it, when to charge, when to get back, whom to pass the ball to, when to kick it out and when to score and when I did it they seemed to get energized.  They played better, they looked sharper, they became what I told them they could do and that was to run, kick, slide, shoot and talk to each other. They didn’t win the 2 games yesterday, they didn’t win the one this morning. I decided all on my own that it was high time that I spoke to my 12-year-old son like any good mother would. On the way home from this morning game I told him t hat he was an awesome player, I told him that every time he plays the other teams always remark how good your son it, I asked him why he didn’t just take the shot and he replied that the coach told him not to kick but to pass. I told him that he probably didn’t understand the coach and he needed to be like another of his teammates who was equally as talented and a very fast runner and shoot the ball into the net everytime he had the opportunity.  I told him that he has been given a gift from God and that he is a magnificent player, I told him to use the gift take the time and look at the other 2 kids on the team who had the potential to kick, run and shoot and the three of them should play their game and shoot it in. I told him that he cannot improve if he is always passing to others who are not capable yet to make the shot. I told him that he needs to show me that he really wants to play this ame and he doesn’t hae to win, however he does hae to take the shot. I told him that I am extremely proud of him and only want home to play to his potential.  He smiled as I talked, he listened as I talk, and he had comments and explanations of his thought processes and that of his coach. I was glad to hear that. We dialogue as equals for this time, as he talked about who his favorite soccer players were and why. He is an amazing boy. The coach told me that he wanted him to be one of the team captains because he really is talented and he just needs to believe he can also be a leader.  I see my middle child running the field. I see him pointing and directing and telling the other boys where to go and when to push. 

This last game, the one they almost won, he did exactly what I said and when he kicked the ball into the goal from the sidelines and scored, I clapped I yelled and I told my middle son I was proud of him. I hollered at him, ‘do you see’, what I told you, you did it. I gave him the thumbs up, he ran by me like  a gazelle and looked at me on his right side – he is lean, he is strong and he is my beautiful baby boy. I gave him the thumbs up and he smiled and continued gracefully down the field. I smiled I smiled I smiled. Thank you God for this Sunday I hung out with my middle son and in my own way, this was worship.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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