Boy does time fly when you are a mom and doing your best to have a life. That really is all that  I can say is happening. Between driving everyone all over Tracy and up and down the freeway from Sacramento to Vallejo I am one fruitful woman.  (ha ha ha) Fruitful or as a word picture of what fruitful means imagine one woman: three children and four schedules. This one woman is the one and only driver,  employee, bill collector, judge, jury, negotiator, cook, nurse,  teacher and entertainment specialist; in other words, the Proverbs 31 woman. She is ms. fruitful extraordinaire. What  I realize is that you can’t be all things to everyone else and then forget yourself.  This ms. fruitful longs to be on every committee, longs to pick up and drive her kids as well as others to and from sports events and practices, longs to clean the garage and give some things to a charity, longs to get her fence repaired and the hole in her gazebo fixed, longs to be the perfect parent who helps all 3 of  her children with homework; provides crayons for coloring and doesn’t mind the occasional spill of some kind of fluid that looked like milk. I long for those things but boy oh boy; when I do them I usually go to the extremes and then we hear  a full  blown temper tantrum on our hands. Mom Taxi is in full swing and retiring is looking better and better.

I can be fruitful and I can be fruitful.  On the second “I can be fruitful” bring your voice down as low as it can’t go. Try to get to the root of the baritone and then when you say “I am fruitful” you might hear something like ‘oh my.’ I like it when you sound like that. Being fruitful is just what it says. The fruit is full on the tree. Yes it is. When we realize that being fruitful may not require action it may just need rest.  In order for me to find the peace that sustains me I must write. And when I am unable to write I believe He that guides and directs send down someone to do just that.  I want to retire at 55 and now to fulfill my dream, I must take action. I must write. I want to retire at 55 and do this thing  all over again.


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