Blind & Emotional Kids

I have noticed more and more that my children are blind. I have been upstairs in my bedroom minding my very own business and all of a sudden I hear the sound of the voices of one of the three children that came out of my body as they yell the word that I so longed to be called and now the word that makes me cringe – “MOM!!?”  There is an exclamation point and a question mark at the end of this word that lets me know that a question which must be answered by “MOM!!?” is to follow.  The questions can be many; however, in general, they can be one of several: ‘where is my blue shirt, where are my shoes, where is the toothpaste, where is the bread, where is my homework, where is the remote, where is the butter, where is the soap and where is my cell phone?” Did I say that I was upstairs in my bedroom? Well the amazing thing is that, the answers to any and all of these questions are easily resolved by (a) either I know where the bread, the homework, the shirt and the remote are located and I tell them or (b) I know, yet am to exhausted to answer or (c) which is my favorite… I know and I am not going to tell so I say in typical “MOM”  fashion ‘I don’t know where tht whatchamacallit is, I am in my room, what makes you think I know where your stuff is?”  That response  given by me is accepted by my sons  simply because they haven’t heard a word I have said and will ask the same question again after they take the ear buds out of their ears and realize that they still don’t know where any of their stuff is. However, this response is generally not acceptable to  my daughter. Her acceptance of the (c) answer is followed by some kind of emotional explosion.  She cries, she whines, she cries and whines, she mopes,  she broods, she closes her door, and then finally when exhausted with the lack of feedback from anyone in the house – especially MOM she comes out of her room and acts as if nothing has happened. She is 9 after all and I read somewhere that the teenage emotional heebyjeebies begins several years before they become tweens.  As Linus would say when Snoopy kissed him “AARGH!!”.

Now this phenomena of children with little vision is not just relegated to my kids – this is ‘kid universal’.  When children are raised with the knowledge that mom knows everything they take it literally. MOM knows everything! In the times of divorce and fathers who walk away, the mom who is truly handling business has to know everything.  She knows it in her body and without looking she can tell the child, from her vantage point in her bedroom, where the remote can be found and which blind and emotional child is eating in the living room after being told 10 gazillion times not to eat in the living room without even peeking out of the bedroom door.  Retiring at 55, I think I have enough stories to make it happen and enough vision to see the future or at least when to see that there really is a bright light at the end of the tunnel and it is illuminating my way to journalistic endeavors and creative/Oprah aha moments.  

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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