I did hear Santa Claus – yes I did

 I heard muffled voices before day in the morning and I had to get up out of my bed to investigate. My sister was asleep in the twin bed next to me and my brothers were in their twin beds down the hall.  I heard voices and knew immediately that it was Santa Claus and he was talking to someone.  All I could hear as I approached the hallway door were muffled voices and there was conversation between 2 men.  Who could it be? As I inched closer and closer to the door I realized that it really was Santa Claus and he was talking to my father!! As I crawled on all floors being very careful not to make a sound, I shuffled along in my gown and then pressed my left ear up to the door so I could hear.  I don’t remember what they said, I don’t even remember how long the conversation lasted however what I do remember is that my father and Santa were laughing – then the door closed and Santa was gone.  I stayed there on all fours, my heart pounding so fast and so hard that I just knew my father would come and fling the door open any second and ask me what was I doing.  He did not.  I strained to hear Santa on the roof, I could not.  I wanted to hear him say On Donner, On Blitzen on Comet and Cupid and….I did not hear that but I promise I heard movement on the roof!!  I crept back into my room, excited and could not wait for first light.  As soon as a teeny tiny piece of the horizon glowed I woke up my sister and told her what I heard and then my brothers and then my mother I told all what I saw and what I heard.  My brothers and sister sat there in wide-eyed amazement and my mother stood there wrapped in a robe and a nice hot cup of coffee in her hand – she smiled.  My father was still in his bed.  In our house no one could open their presents or even open the ones Santa brought until our father got up out of the bed, had his coffee and then sat down in the living room.  When he sat, that was the signal to begin tearing open  the boxes holding all of the dolls and tonka toys and games immediately followed by ripping the wrapping paper off of the gifts that always held clothes  We ran into our parents room and screamed, “Daddy, Daddy Santa Claus came!” and then he would wake up and say the same old thing, “he did?”  We would be pushing him up out of the bed and asking  him to hurry up.  Dad came and sat and pandemonium began.  There really is nothing as heartwarming to  a parent than to be able to give your children the thrill of the lifetime every year at Christmas.  My parents were wonderful. They smiled, they laughed, they helped us put the toys together, they played with us and they loved us – each one.

As things wind down, I told my father that I heard Santa Claus talking to him last night.  And he feigned surprise.  He said ‘Londie (nickname from my family) you were supposed to be sleep.  I asked my dad what were you and Santa talking about?  He said, the good milk and cookies you guys left,  Santa let me have some.  I looked over at the table and my dad was right!  He always was …we had set out 2 glasses and a small plate of  Oreo cookies. Now, the glassed had a little bit of milk at the bottoms and the Oreos were history – nothing but crumbs.  My brothers and sister stopped yakking long enough to hear what our father said and they had their mouths open. 

I, in my pigtails and cat-eyed-framed-light pink glasses, said in my best bossy voice, ” I told y’all I heard Santa Claus talking to dad – oh yes I did!’


Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.




“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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