The day after

This is what I read when I opened up my yahoo page this evening!

This is what is interesting the day after Christmas, this is what is news?  84 year old Hugh Hefner, is now engaged to a 24-year-old playmate, Crystal Harris, that heretofore he has lived with as his girlfriend and if I am not mistaken; as the playmate is a job, he is her employer?  Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture besides me?  I love a dirty old man just like any woman however I love them in the way I think a puppy is cute and the way that I see a baby boy looking at his mother endearing – they  make me smile and say awww.  That is about it! Nothing else.  I do not desire the puppy nor the baby, I do not want to sleep with the puppy nor the baby, I will not tongue kiss the puppy nor the baby, I do not think small bony fingers caressing my legs is a turn on and neither do I want very, very wrinkled parts touching my wrinkled parts just like I would not with the puppy nor the baby. Some things are just cute and some things are well … disgusting. In the real world I can just hear the blonde, fiancee hanging out with her other blonder friends giggling and saying “you know like eww he touched me, omg!”  However in this instance ‘man with money’ makes eww become oohhh.  What can a child born in 1987 have in common with a man born in 1927?  I may be off a year one or the other however the difference is still about 60 years.  Does anyone but me see anything wrong with this picture??

 I think being a father is honorable, being a grandfather is honorable and being a great-grandfather is honorable – being a great-grandfather who marries a child is dishonorable.   The more money, the more the male can buy.  And in all of the reality shows that are currently on television: The Baskeball Wives, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York, Beverly Hills, DC, Orange County and New Jersey all tell us the male with money only chooses to marry the female with body. That is what is wrong with the picture the fact that our children are barraged with these kind of images about each gender that tells both genders that men with a lot of money marry women with a lot of body. Brains re involved yet hidden by women with body to make sure that some of that money comes to them through their body.  The older the man the more he knows that money is the draw however I believe as a society we should be absolutely ashamed of ourselves.  We walk around on tippy toes around immorality and then to make matters worse we repeat it, we print it, we Facebook it, we tweet it and we report it over and over and over until the reality of the situation reported is removed and this state of  fantasy begins to become real and the more we report it the more real it becomes.  The less disgusting, the more moral the immoral becomes and our children watch us.  Children do as they see and not what we say.  Our children’s views of the future are quite frankly a little bleak.  This is just one example of the many images that they see daily that let them know that we see women as objects to be purchased and tossed aside when the next younger body comes along.  As the adults we have lowered the bar so much for our girls that it really matters not what we tell them.  Our society shows them that one day after Christmas that it is perfectly fine for an 84-year-old man to marry a 24-year old woman. My idea of marriage is where two become one.  Where shared vision and the ability to grow older and wiser together is treasured. Oh well, who am I? As I move into the year of my own retirement at 55  I am constantly amazed by the things we report as news. Hopefully things will change. Merry day after Christmas. 

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”

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