Sunday is my favorite day and it has been several weeks since I have really been able to enjoy it in service.  I woke up this morning in anticipation of sitting in the pews being surrounded by like-minded folk who just love the Lord.  The differences in lifestyle and philosophy are the same in this church as it is in society.   The common thread is the love of the Lord. It helps me to worship in a place where music and the word are sung and spoken and the attempt is always to develop a relationship with the Lord that is based on constant communication with Him.  Today I can’t really remember the actual verse that the message was taken from, I left my bible and my journal in the van and quite frankly I do not feel like going downstairs and getting either from the van in the garage – it is far to cold out there.  The message was taken from Isaiah and it moved those of us who were sitting in the pew listening to the pastor.  It was about God’s Revolution and the beginning of the new year and the prayer that 2011 will be better than 2010. 

For me  the feeling of gratitude was what I felt.  I am thankful that I have three wonderful children who have made me grow  up and parent them in the manner that they deserved to be parented.  I know that I am their protector and their guide and their role model and their touchstone to reality and to the possibilities that each of them possess.  I realized that on this Sunday that I am exactly where I need to be in my life.  I realize that even though we don’t have enough money, we have money enough for what we need.  

After service and running some errands; the kids and their cousin and I came home to take down the Christmas tree and all of the decorations that serve as symbols of Christmas.  The lights on the house, the candy canes on the lawn, the wreaths on the doors, the little black Santa Claus on top of the tree and hanging on the door – all have to be removed. The season is over and it is time to begin again another year.  After the children have helped me remove all of the symbols; the dis-assembling of the Christmas tree is left up to me. The kids have all retreated to various rooms to play video games and listen to music and watch t.v. – this is their time to enjoy their final day of doing nothing because Monday is their first day back to school.  I enjoy this time of aloneness because the football game is on and I get to remove each ornament and smile.  Each ornament is a reminder of what my children were doing for the year in that there are handmade ornaments that the children made in daycare, in kindergarten and then in 1st grade – each one makes me smile and causes the warmth in my chest to begin to flood my body.  As I carefully remove each ornament, some more fragile than others, and wrap them and gently place them back in their beaten and worn boxes, I hear my children in the background and the football game in the foreground.  These are the times when peace and quiet amidst noise are to be treasured.  I realize when I take the tree down that there will come a time and soon, when my children will not be here.  I will miss them terribly and I will miss the noise.  Now going into the 5o plus one year of my life I will continue to treasure each and every day because it is a gift.  My children are a gift and the relationship that I develop with my God is a gift.

After I had finished the tree and had vacuumed and removed even the presence and aroma of pine in the home, my dear divasister came over.  We talked and ate and drank coffee and laughed and cried and watched a taped 43 minutes of the Kennedy Center Honors where Oprah was among the honored and we bonded.  We decided at 55 we were going to go to Australia.  We have known each other for some 15 years and never knew until this evening that we both have always wanted to go to Australia.  The kids were in the background doing what they do; enjoy each other and their cousin.  Their noise was comforting.  We both enjoy being in HIS presence. Her ability to care-take her son and the community she serves and my ability to care-take my children and my words have allowed us to state that we are God’s child.  

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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