This morning my daughter got up and announced that she didn’t know how to fill out her book order form. This is a dramatic change from last night where she did not want to use her money to buy lunch.  Hah! She had her money in her wallet and instead of costing $4 which she insisted all of last night, the book actually costs $7.  I showed her how to complete the form and to place her money in an envelope, ready to hand out to the teacher tomorrow. The other thing I found out  that my daughter has to have is a cell phone.  She doesn’t know that she already has one.  It is just a matter of me judging when best to give it to her.

My daughter flips back and forth from good to bad and bad to better.  She was up last night and tonight until almost 10pm completing her homework.  She is having a real good time with studying and I am sure she is working out her multiplication brain freeze.  For some reason she couldn’t get it. I can see now that she is just going to not get it and then she will get it all of a sudden.  We are all different and unique.                                                         

Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose
Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.





“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose


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