Sunday – OMG

Sunday is my favorite day and as usual it did not disappoint.I woke up fully refreshed, energized, well-loved and in love.  I spent the day before with my children and my church family at Soda Springs.  The drive was peaceful, conversation was great, children were skiing, snow boarding and tubing.  The air was crisp,cold and the sun was shining. The white snow glistened and goggles and sunglassed people darted the landscape and made me smile.  As I looked out onto the activity of life and energy I whisper over and over the three words that bring me peace “thank you Lord”. I find I say this when there is nothing to say and when there is much to say. I say these three words as a way to honor God who has provided for me and for my children.  I say these words as a reminder to myself that I am blessed and that HE carries me in the wind.  His Spirit lulls me to sleep and wakes me up and allows me to enjoy my children and this life that we have.  Thank you Lord is my phrase, it is my mantra, it is how I continue to walk my walk as I talk the talk.  I want to be a living example to my children, friends and family that the statement that I say is nothing but the truth.  That statement is that if you take care of your children, God will take care of you.  I not only believe it to be true I have seen that truth manifested in my life and in the lives of my children.  I have been given a chance to make their lives better and I continue to work to make that happen.  I have also been given a chance to write and another opportunity to have yet another secret desire of my heart fulfilled and omnipresent in my life. To know love is a beautiful thing, to feel loved is another beautiful thing, to have love is incredible. One man can do that for me. Dipped in chocolate makes anything taste better and as far as I am concerned dark chocolate is not only good to the taste it is also healthier and more nutritious to the inside of a body as well.

I spent Sunday in this mood of peace and comfortably that I have not known for some time.  I woke up excited. Once at church the messages were about children and what we as parents and in particular black parents should be doing, things to remember and things to teach our children so they will be able to not only just survive but to thrive. Our children need to know that God is the beginning and the end and the be all to our all. Today I heard that my little friend of 12 is back in the hospital for another round of chemotherapy. I learned that her mom needs money to help with finances, I called her and offered to pay one of her bills until she could get back on her feet.  She was hesitant, I insisted. She was thankful. I smiled.  During service today the word Grace continued to come up in my heart and the words of the song by the Winans soothed me, rocked me and made me say thank you Lord. The speakers who spoke and the minister who preached all spoke about the witness that we are called to be as a present force in these troubled times. We are to be an example of what good parenting and what a good person should be and we need to walk our talk.  I lounged around today with my children and with my sweetie. To be in a house filled with complete satisfaction is such a good thing.  Incredible.  Tonight I learned that a friend that I have not heard from in years and whose name I just spoke a few days ago as I was recounting a story about my experiences with her – out of the blue – died.  I was shocked.  I breathed hard, I wanted to cry. I could not.  I don’t know the details. I know she was loved by her boys, her husband and her parents. 

We are called to be a witness. We are called to honor Him who provides all. We are called to not take anything for granted. What would happen to those left, should I or anyone pass away from this earth unexpectedly quite frankly is not known by the person leaving. We can all say the words that we should be grateful and thankful and tell the people in our lives we love them.  I do that.  However would that be enough for them should something happen? I don’t know. I write these words because we really don’t know.  People come and go, as the dust blows across the Sahara dessert, our time on this earth blows away.  My time and my heart will continue to say, “thank you Lord!” I thank your for three great kids, for a man who has come back to rock my soul as well as my intellect and who completes me, for a sister that is in full bloom and doing good things, for a mom who loves with all she has and whom I love and respect, for brothers who care and commit, for diva’s who take my breath away and carry my heart, for aunts and uncles and cousins that sustain and uplift, for countless friends who love me for me and for a God who has ALWAYS provided. Will these words be enough for my children to help them continue to thrive? I don’t know.  What I do know is that one of the lessons my father said to me before he died has never left me and I hear him in my head. He said to me when I was complaining about what everybody wanted me to do in a particular situation, he said well baby girl, just listen to what they have to say/suggest, acknowledge them, shake your head say that sounds good and you will think about it, be gracious and then go out and do whatever you were going to do anyway. Wise words disguised as just a thought. Mmmmm. TheIr really is no need to belabor the point. To this day, I do this when a situation comes up that I don’t agree with. I do this and respect your right to express and welcome honesty and critique with a soft edge on it when it is spoken – to me.   I listen, I smile, I thank and then I make MY decision in my way and in my time. I say this to say for my children, I want them to say, thank you Lord.” I want them and him to know that in these 3 words we live. In these three words we thrive. In these 3 words we glorify and carrying these words into any battle will be the weapons you need to tear down your walls of Jericho.  Thank you Lord. Remember, I love you is also a pretty powerful trio of words. Mmmmm. Let the church say I love you more. (smile)  Goodnight.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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