My Older Son

My oldest son decided he was going to run track after the basketball season.  A season where I felt his skills were not utilized in the manner that taught him anything.  The fact that he was NOT mentored affected his spirit.  I think it is a dangerous thing when a child’s spirit is broken.  My job as parent is to keep the fire going. I believe I do that for all of my children. I have called his JV coach, the athletic director and left 2 voice mail messages for both of them and as of this typing I have received ZERO return calls.  Any teacher that I have ever called regarding any of my children’s academic career has called me back within the day.  What makes athletic coaches/teachers any different?. Most of these coaches appear to be adult males and as such should be our little boys leaders and example of  how to become a man.  Hmpf.  Oh well, as my son’s champion and as the cutest little pit bull momma you will ever see – I plan to lock on until someone comes and releases my bite and responds when I call.  Teachers are amazing and I respect them for their commitment to my children.  A good teacher motivates, teaches, corrects and guides a child to find his or her own greatness or his or her own ability to persevere even when the class is challenging. Sports are to teach the same.  Our little boys are like clay on the potter’s wheel and can be molded into a beautiful pitcher that can hold all that is taught or it can be so poorly molded that it holds nothing. My son has been on my potter’s wheel for almost 16 years now. His ability to be molded into his own idea of  beautiful is, well, just beautiful.   He has rekindled his own spirit in track.  He is encouraged, motivated and his own personal inner drive is on fire.

When I arrived at the track meet it had already begun. He had already won the triple jump and his team had won the 4×4 where he anchored the team as they came in first place. He saw me, came over to me and allowed me to give him kisses while his teammates huddled around me as he introduced me as his mom and as they smiled.  They were all skinny and muscular and stinky 15 and 16-year-old boys. Silly and goofy and committed to athletics and education.  It is a beautiful thing to see – Asian, Hispanic, Black, Samoan, Indian and White;  all colors=  one boy.

 Watching him run for the very first time last night at the track meet and seeing my beautiful baby boy push with his little skinny legs, anchoring the 4 x 100, across the finish line and come in 2nd all I can say is I was soooooooooooo proud.  He looked good, he felt good and I was screaming with excitement, jumping up and down and afterwards making sure he put his sweats back on so that he would not get a cramp. My children are amazing.  Remember he has not run track since he was a little boy, maybe 9-years old.

 My oldest is the very first thing that God made in my body. He was made because of  love and he is what  I love, because I made him. 

There is nothing like being a mother.

Retiring at 55 is what I will do so that I can enjoy my children with the energy and with the leisure time to bask in their essence and in the three reasons why I move and breathe – their lives fulfill me, their joys and their sorrows motivate me to hang on and be their champion as they have done for me the past 15 1/2 years.  Thank you God.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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