The Pea Patch

Sunday my favorite day is here and I am grateful.  The kids and I had one of those weekends that I would say was productive.  My 3 children, who are absolutely fabulous were all punished.   Yep no cell phones all weekend. This is the first time I have ever, ever done this!  The eldest son brought home 2 D’; one in English and one in Spanish-2, the younger son brought home a D in math and my daughter decided that she was going to blatantly refuse my request to see her spelling words by refusing to take them out of her backpack while we were driving to school – I decided it was time to exercise some tough love. I had already been in training for this new phase of my life and of their lives; for several months and it just so happened it all came to fruition at the perfect time for it to be enacted. 

 My sweetie bought and brought us a white board that he posted in the kitchen. Here  is where I proceeded to put up a calendar and to write chores for each child  for all to see. As I write, I should probably put up the penalties for infractions, hmm. Anywho, the good thing about these grades is that they can be pulled up and better get pulled up.  The 3 loves of my life, have 2 months to do so and I have no doubt that it will happen. I take some responsibility in that they have been so busy with school, social stuff and sports and I have also been busy making sure they accopmplish all of their schedule and busy on my own schedule; the house has been fruiful and yet a little over booked, that I have not checked their homework and have been signing their agenda’s believing that everything has been done.  Well, I am back now.

My older son was disappointed in himself and graciously turned over his cell phone, my middle son was not so gracious; he began negotiating for the cell phone’s return within the hours following retrieval, and my daughter did not appear concerned at all – she simply asked why I was taking the phone and once I reminded her of her beahvior that Friday orning, that was all she seemed to need. I then proceeded to have a private, no yelling, talk with each one of them alone, about my expectations and what I needed from them. I was stern and loving and my boys did make up school work, cleaned their rooms, went through old clothes and shoes to give to Goodwill,  performed their regular chores and seemed to enjoy not being tethered to their cell phones. My daughter did the same along with exercising with me, and then playing with one of her dear friends in the afternoon – the laughed, they sang and they danced and teased each other and even made me a picture our of some kind of fake diamond thingee’s – cute.  I was able to enjoy the down time and uncluttered my room and cleaned the house and even cleaned the ceiling fans for the first time since I have lived in this house.  Wow and yuk at the same time!

The reverend that spoke this morning was one who doesn’t preach that often. He spoke about 2 Samuel.

2 Samuel 23:11-12 (New King James Version)

11 And after him was Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite. The Philistines had gathered together into a troop where there was a piece of ground full of lentils. So the people fled from the Philistines. 12 But he stationed himself in the middle of the field, defended it, and killed the Philistines. So the LORD brought about a great victory.

The sermon title was The Pea Patch.  It is a simple message.  Shammah was one of  the 37 warriors of  King David.  He was the only one who stood in the field of lentils which was the food for the people.   Lentils are a type of bean that really looks like a seed. It has a high level of protein and  comes in a bunch of different colors and sizes. Lentils grow on short shrubs and have to be picked. The advantage of the lentils is that they have slight tolerance to the drought and hence can survive a period without water.  The advantage that one has with growing the lentils is that since the plant grows round the year once the proper conditions are met it will grow and act as nutrient year round for the people. The Philistines wanted the lentil farm, Shammah stood his ground to protect that which the people had conditioned for growth. He fought the Philistines alone and won.

As I listened, I sat straight up and though wow, the Bible is an amazing book.  Here we are talking about fighting over beans in a field and what it really means to me is what will you fight for if you had it fight all by yourself?  It meant that as a parent we are called to fight for our children and if we have to stand  against the outside influences of the world and shake our children back to reality we are called to do so.   As mothers we birth our children either through actually having them come from our bodies or from having them come to us in a foster or adoption scenario – either way, we  are there when they first learn so many things and we are there when they make mistakes and as they grow older we are there to train them how to correct mistakes and that requires some kind of punishment to shake them up just a little bit to allow them to say hey I better make a change.  We are called to fight for them and to not allow the outside to get into them.  The challenge as mom, who will retire at 55 is to balance it all  and to realize that I have great children. Their grades consisted of A’s, B’s and C’s on a regular basis, these D’s are just an indication that I need to be alittle more vigilante. As any lentil farmer knows that the soil needs to be watered, not daily; but enough to cover the pea to allow it to grow strong and healthy and productive. Now this to me is what you call an aha moment.

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