Sunday after

Today is the day after Sunday. Sunday is my favorite day.  As I arise early, I feel his presence close to me and the aroma of coffee fills our connection in silence. He completes me.  The day is one where I am grateful for the children, the man, the friends, the weather, the home and the God that provides all that I have and am has given me.  My daughter had spent the night with her girlfriend and my sons were lounging around waiting for their mom to shake them back into consciousness.  As we begin the morning routine of getting ready to go I find solace in the sound of the voice of Charles Stanley.  I don’t often have a chance to just sit down and listen to him however his voice is so relaxing and the occasional words that I am able to hear always make me think. Thinking is a good thing.  The pastor’s message this morning was walking in the light.  As I heard the words I looked around and saw the young girl with a small cancerous tumor in her brain sitting in the very last pew in the back of the church.  She normally sits in the very first row on the right hand side of the church with her mom, her sister and her brother.  Today she sat in the back with a mask on to keep out any possible contaminants that may be in the air. She sat and clapped and rocked to the music. I am reminded of how quickly life can change one minute she was playing and having a good time and now she is fighting for her life.  She is enduring chemotherapy, hair falling out, being tired and irritated and scared and alone and yet she has this grace that reminds the church that  there is and always will be a God who sustains and gives the energy to thrive and arise yet another day. I also see sitting next to her – her mom. A single mother of 3 children and without as much as a whimper she has walked toward the light. Toward the belief that her daughter will come through.  Often times we don’t give enough credence to what a mother who is mothering has to do and endure and push through in order to bring to our children the best foundation for a good future and a good meal. Retiring at 55 is so much a part of who I am and believing that God can provide for my little friend is a belief system that is continually being manifest in my life. 

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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