The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding, ok? I think I believe people have  lost touch with reality. I was watching and listening to this program where they were talking about all of the excitement that has been generated because of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. To paint a picture the interviewer began by talking about the wedding of the Prince ‘s father, Prince Charles to Diana which occured in July of 1981. The commentator spoke about the fairytale wedding and wanted to give us a personal feel to the interview by interviewing women who had witnessed the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981 as little girls.  These adult women began to speak in high pitched tones and bated breath as they described how they made sure they did not fall asleep before the wedding was broadcast. I believe the wedding was broadcast live in 1981. The wedding of William and Kate which is set for April 29, 2011, Saturday will be broadcast live beginning at 3:00 a.m. and the wedding is scheduled to take place at 6:00 a.m. So for the sake of this blog we will say the wedding time of  Charles and Diana could have occured at around this same time. Which meant these little bated breath girls who believe that their Prince will come and swoop them up and marry them, woke up and watched this wedding broadcast at 3:00 a.m.

 Now I like a good wedding as much as anyone, actually what I really like is a good reception; however, the wedding of Charles and Diana did not make me wait with bated breath and stare wide-eyed at the television set to witness their marriage vows spoken. All I could see through my young eyes was that here was this old man marrying a young girl and the bride-to-be, to me, looked scared. I don’t recall that she ever really smiled, the smile of joy; her smile appeared to be one of fear – like a deer caught in the headlights – impending doom.

As I am able to better put the words to the thoughts that I had back then, this wedding reminded me of an arranged marriage. The woman is chosen and has no choice. 

Diana’s wedding was called a fairytale wedding. The train on Diana’s wedding gown was way too long and the prince did not appear to be happy. And no one even partied! What is a wedding without a slamming reception? Well if you are born in my family the reception is what makes the wedding worth attending. Buying the bride and groom a gift is akin to the cover charge at the door before you go into the club to party!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married. The media is calling it another fairytale wedding. These same little girls that stayed up late to see the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana are now preparing their daughters to continue this tradition. There word, not mine.  My phrase would be to consider this a humongous waste of time. Our daughters learn by our example. What we are teaching them is that watching is better than doing. We teach our daughters that if we are shallow they can also be shallow. We teach our daughters that there really is a prince charming and he may not come on a horse however he comes and allows us to have a “Pretty Woman” experience. I am happy for William and for Kate, don’t get me wrong; however wouldn’t it be nice if we as mothers put this kind of time and energy into sharing times, stories and warm hugs with our daughters instead of  laying in front of a television oohing and aahing over a wedding that you were never even invited to in the first place. How about spending this quality time with our girls reading, talking, drawing, laughing and playing.

I think that is what Diana was trying to do, finally– laughing, enjoying, talking and for the first time I think she really loved. Sunday is the day the Lord has made. I will retire at 55 and life – wow, oh wow – it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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