Amal & Osama

Her name is Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah and according to every media source she was the favorite, the youngest wife of Osama. She was shot and took a bullet in the leg for her man.  Come on, she really is no different from any young girl that is paid the least amount of attention by an upperclassman in school or the local high rolling drug dealer.  This kind of relationship is nothing new.  According to media sources she was married at 18 and has had 3 children by Osama who already had 15 children making his grand total 18 children by 5 other women.   She was born in 1982 in Yemen.  She is 29. There is something that happens  to a young woman when she is made to feel special by any older man. In this case he was not just any older man, he was Osama bin Laden who was considered in the eyes of  al Qaeda to be an honorable man who was not viewed as a terrorist.   I don’t know whether Amal was in love with Osama or whether she was enamored with his power or whether she just made the best of the cards that she was dealt.  After all she had no choice in whom she was to marry, in that she was given to bin Laden by her family.

 This belief system that is nurtured by the older man, allows the young girl to do some of the craziest things ever to make sure that he knows that she loves him.  This  form of acknowledgement of the love of an older man is played out in everyday situations.  Just think about  how many times we have seen a young woman who will lie so that her older boyfriend won’t go to jail for a crime that he committed; the young woman who believes her man when he tells her that he did not sleep with that other woman; the young woman who knows that her husband is molesting her children and just lets it go because she doesn’t think that she can take care of herself without him; the woman who has fallen so madly in love with a man that she refuses to see that he is using her for money, for sex, for procreation or for fun. What must it be like to have children for someone who already has 15 before you?

I don’t know how she feels. No one really knows that.  As people looking from the outside, we can speculate and write and speak about what we think that Amal thinks.  She was expected to marry someone who her family chose.  She was expected to fight for her man.  She was expected to possibly die for her man. What I do know is she was an 18-year-old girl married to a much older man who had 3 children by him and she was shot in the leg.  She traveled wherever he went and if she had an objection I am sure she kept it to herself.  After all she is a mother with 3 children. Now she is a single mother with 3 children who is only 29 years old.  Her life and the lives of  her children will never be the same.  She is a mother just the same and a mother who on this Mother’s Day has lost the only man that she has ever known as husband and whose children have lost their father. How many other young woman experience the same kind of pain and the same kind of loss of a man they loved blindly who now has not only gone from her life but the lives of her children.    I am  not at all condoning what her husband did.  It was a terrible and cowardly act that affected the lives of so many people in our country. 911 is and will always be a tragedy.  Amal can be seen as a victim also.  A victim of a society that gave her life and her body to a man that she did not know. Who in the end couldn’t protect her or her children.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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