There is something that happens when you decide enough is enough.  At the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to begin 2011 handling the business of Yolande and the kids she loves so much.  I would not call them New Years Resolutions, I would say they are things that I feel must get done for my sanity.  1. I was ready to be in a relationship 2. that I was going to de-clutter the garage, the kids rooms and my room 3. That I was going to have new picture’s framed for the house 4. that I was going to get an article published 4. That I was going to enjoy myself and my children 5. That I was going to write and 6. that I was going to enjoy life.  I am on target and I am proud of myself. 

In order for anything to occur in my life I have to write it down and I have to speak it.  When I write it down, I have to be able to see it in order for the words, the thought, the feeling to become a part of my day-to-day reality.   As I come to the closing weeks of my de-cluttering my bedroom, I look around and have a feeling of accomplishment.  It is in the small goals that we grow.  These little victories allow us to tackle even bigger dreams and one day they will be added to the Yolande victory list. Retiring at 55 is and will be my goal.

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.








“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers women of all ages to be on purpose.”


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