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Women’s National Book Association – SF Chapter

SF Writers Conference 2010Women's National Book Club - SF Chapter

Finally I was able to upload some photo’s from the SF Writers Conference! I was the guest of my writing coach, mentor and friend Teresa LeYung Ryan 

and Elisa Southard, the tagline queen and the woman in the pink helmet I met Bob Quinlan a man with a great sense of humor, wonderful philosophy on empowering yourself for love,  Margie Yee Webb, a dynamic and energetic writer and owner of the Cat Mulan , a new mom and good soul Victoria A. Hudson
and Linda Lee website designer extraordinaire!!

Writing Coach Teresa & Web Designer Linda Lee

All of these women and the one lone man that I met sparked in me an enthusiasm for the creative side of me. Being with people who enjoy telling a story lights my fire.  One of the things I realized is that in order to promote we must step out of our boxes.  And that is uncomfortable. Sitting around a banquet room of performers and ego’s and those who love the pen and words is amazing.  I always had a sense that I was a little loopey this just seals the deal.  I realized that my crying when I see someone who is doing something that I feel their passion is o.k.  I saw passion in the women and men that I met.  The same kind of passion that I feel the minute I begin to write, type, hear, smell, taste and move to the rhythms that make me feel  something!  

Inspirational Creative Women

Creativity the ability to see words, touch sounds, feel and KNOW what someone in the 15th century mighta’  coulda’ thought about and write it so clear that even I can think that thought. That is what it is all about the ability to create something from what you hear in your head and see through your eyes is wonderful. I know it is God thought and it is my thought and it is our thoughts that make the creative soul, the spirit come alive.  I know sounds kinda’ hooey – however if you are anything like me – you get it!