Bicycle Helmet Locks

Ok, so there are locks for bicycle helmets and believe it or not I had no clue.  The last day or two I have talked to many parents like myself who had never heard of bicycle locks for helmets. Helmets that are mandated by law for all children under 18 to wear need to be able to be locked and secured when these children ride their bikes to go to the store, to school, or to play some basketball.

This is what Oprah calls a teachable moment.  Learning is a daily process and as we grow our minds should continue to want to soak up knowledge and learn something new or a different way to do something old.  I have learned that bicycle helmets can be locked. And I have learned that I am not the only parent who has no clue about the locks and about the fact that even the best of us slip up. What I mean by this is that I know that everyone should wear helmets and I am sure you know that also; however in a time when the law doesn’t get enforced, the penalty for not wearing a helmet is not enforced, police officers have way too many serious crimes to bother about a preventative one however it is necessary.  I pledge to my children and to yours to make sure that as parents we do what is best for our children. 

Yolande Barial
Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Seeks to Enrich the Lives of Women through Spoken and Written Word.

One Response

  1. Dear Diva Yolande,
    I’m at your blog reading about bicycle helmet safety for children (thank you for doing the research to help parents and “aunties” like me find resources to keep kids safe), While reading your posts, I saw the one you wrote about my new endeavor. I humbly thank you. Reading about our friendship of 15-years got me teary. You walked with purpose/talked with purpose when I met you; you’ll always be purposeful. I predict you’ll be poet laureate before you turn 55.
    With love, admiration, gratitude,
    Teresa LeYung Ryan, author, writing-career coach, founder of GraceArt Publishing

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